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This is the first post on the website relaunch of Oil, Gas and Petroleum. We believe that the demise of fossil fuels has been severely over estimated. Oil and gas has been the backbone of the industrial revolution, as well as every period up until the current day.

The global warming movement has morphed into the climate change movement. Most supporters of green initiatives have an honest and passionate motivation, for our children and grandchildren to live and to thrive. The issue lies in the fact that the global dependance on fossil fuels is growing. Demand rises years after year, especially from developing countries, whilst the USA and China stay at the top of the demand charts.

The only way to ‘leave it in the ground’ is for consumers to change their shopping habits, and for businesses to create valid technological alternatives. Once the alternatives are affordable, scalable and practical, who would say no to fresh air?

For the time being, we support initiatives from people like Elon Musk, and group movements such as the Paris accord. In addition to this, oil, gas and other valuable resources need to be extracted as cleanly and safely as possible. This also applies to decommissioning and environmental monitoring.

We believe that the youngest generations are more ethically and environmentally aware then ever, due to the internet, and increasing evidence of environmental degradation around the world.

For the time being, we need to find the best ways to explore, extract, transport, and process oil, gas and petroleum. The best doesn’t mean the cheapest, as the economic externalities, environmental impact, and of course worker safety should stay at the forefront of our considerations.

Some young people have been recently put off by negative impressions of the oil and gas industry, they see it as a dangerous, dirty and unnecessary occupation. Anyone who looks deeper, can see the reliance on fossil fuels, a reliance that is unlikely to change for a few decades. The industry is certainly unfashionable.

The team at will endeavor to help project a healthy image of the industry, and guide those who wish to be part of it. Many a wise person has said that the education of our children is the most important job to ensure a better future. We wholeheartedly agree.

So, on this website you will find information regarding:

Petroleum Engineering Schools, Colleges and Universities

We’ll publish regular information about all levels of qualifications from part-time distance learning, to full Batchelor or Masters degrees. You’ll find rankings, charts, tables and statistics for the best petroleum engineering schools and in the USA. In addition, we plan to publish updates, press releases, interviews and accolades relating to these fin institutions, students and staff.

Petroleum Engineering Degrees, and other related O&G courses

Technology moves fast, and this is a phenomenon that’s likely to only accelerate as we get to grips with big data, artificial intelligence and so on. We believe that there are engineering degrees, courses and modules that do not exist yet. As these new technologies get discovered and developed, there will be new types of engineering jobs that come with them.

We won’t limit ourselves to Petroleum Engineering. There are a plethora of oil and gas related courses that cover Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and so on.

Career expectation, information and guidance articles

Depending what stage of life you’re at, or where you are in your study or career, you might not really know what a petroleum engineer does. Understanding the industry, and its roles will be important in order to help you to decide which course to take, and where to take it.

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